A new beginning for David Baldacci

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On the Radar — The American author David Baldacci is starting a new series. The author has already written five series with protagonists ranging from secret agents through to ex pro football players. Now he’s created a profiler, and perhaps this signals a new direction for his mysteries, which are often action thriller in style. Our new books column also features cold cases, plenty of action, a cruel stalker and something creepy…

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Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci
A new series from Baldacci is something to shout about – meet his first female protagonist to fly solo, FBI special agent Atlee Pine. Thirty years ago, Pine’s twin sister was taken, never to be seen again. She believes serial killer Daniel James Tor was responsible, although she has no evidence, and to this day continues the search for Mercy. But when Pine is called in to investigate a case in the Grand Canyon, where a dead mule has been found with strange carvings on its body, its rider missing, it’s clear her skills as a profiler are about to be tested to their limits. Out 15 November. Read our review of The Fix here.
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You Don’t Own Me by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke
The dazzling double act of Higgins Clark and Burke are back with the fifth in their Under Suspicion series, out 6 November. TV producer Laurie Moran and her crew specialise in tracking down and solving cold cases and over the years they’ve tackled everything from the murder of a rich woman at the Met Gala ball to the gunning-down of Laurie’s husband. Now Laurie and her crew are about to be faced with their most difficult case yet – and things are about to get complicated…
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Aftershock by Adam Hamdy
Arriving on 15 November, this action thriller is one to look out for. It’s the third in Adam Hamdy’s Pendulum series and when assassins target UK government officials the author’s three main characters must come to the fore to thwart a dark conspiracy. Could it be driven by the remaining members of the Foundation that FBI agent Christine Ash is trying to hunt down? How will DI Patrick Bailey cope with the new threat? And can accidental action hero photographer John Wallace atone for past mistakes? Tension guaranteed.
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Anonymity by John Nicholl
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? It’s something that writer Mia has to get used to. A stalker has installed a secret camera in her home and is terrorising her with pictures of her young daughter. She has to comply with his wishes or… Even when she flees to Italy with boyfriend Adam, she can’t be safe. The villa she’s staying in burns down. On the case is DI Gavel, and with three women murdered already it looks like it’s a race against time to save Mia from the same fate.
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Providence by Caroline Kepnes
In 2008, Jon Bronson disappeared on his way to school. Everyone thinks the 13-year-old is dead, except for his best friend Chloe. Then, four years later, Jon reappears. He has no memory of what happened to him and seems a little different… His presence is liable to cause spontaneous nose-bleeds in those around him. When he hugs his father, the older man passes out. Then the family dog disappears. All he has is a battered book he believes belonged to the man who took him – can Jon and Chloe work out what happened, and somehow bring things back to normal? This creepy, twisted thriller is out as a paperback on 15 November. It’s already available for Kindle.
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