The first new crime books of 2018

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On the Radar — Welcome back to Crime Fiction Lover for a new year of mysteries, noir, psychological thrillers, Scandi and more. Every Friday we bring you our weekly news column filled with the latest releases and we always try to cover the rainbow gamut of crime sub-genres, though it is somewhat inevitable that every book features something dark. For the first week of the year we start off with one of the most talked about domestic noir novels around, which is from France. There’s also a touch of Nordic noir, CJ Tudor’s big debut The Chalk Man, and more…

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Lullaby by Leïla Slimani
There’s been plenty of buzz surrounding this domestic noir thriller translated from French by Sam Taylor. Like the author herself, Myriam is a French-Moroccan woman. She has a loving husband and a perfect life, made better by Louise, the nanny she has found to look after her children so she can return to her work in the legal profession. But that oh-so perfect existence in a rich Parisian neighbourhood is shattered when Myriam’s baby is found dead.
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The Sons by Anton Svensson
The Made in Sweden trilogy continues as The Father gives way to The Sons. The notorious bank robber Leo Duvnjac – one of the sons – walks free, acquitted of eight of the 10 robberies he carried out with his brothers. While in prison he met Sam Larsen, who murdered his own father and who happens to be the brother of John Broncks, the detective who put Leo away. Leo’s plan is to carry out a new heist, but what will his father and brothers think? And what of Broncks? Find out on 9 January.
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The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor
In 1986 four boys on the brink of adolescence find a body in the small English village of Anderbury. Until then Eddie, Hoppo, Gav, and Mickey had spent carefree days biking around and leaving each other coded messages using chalk figures. Back in 2016 one of them, Ed, is a bachelor still living in the same place but when Mickey reappears the secrets of the past start catching up with everyone. This is a twisting, creepy coming-of-age tale that pays homage to the 1980s and has drawn comparisons with Stephen King. We interviewed debutant CJ Tudor in New Talent November. Available 11 January – watch for our review.
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Eighteen Below by Stefan Ahnhem
When the Swedish police chase a speeding car into the quay in Helsingborg and recover a body from the water it looks like a straightforward suicide for detective Fabian Risk. The victim, Peter Brise, is a wealthy entrepreneur but the post-mortem reveals he was already two months dead when the car crashed. His body was frozen in near perfect condition at 18 degrees below zero. Fabian has ongoing family strife and his colleague Dunja is still trying to get her career back on track investigating the death of a homeless man. The third Fabian Risk book offers up a dark and gruesome Scandinavian crime fiction tale. Out now for Kindle.
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The Greek Wall by Nicolas Verdan
Greece has had its share of problems in the past few years. Where better to set a political thriller that explores corruption and other social issues? In the thick of it is Agent Evangelos who is investigating murder when a severed head is found on the Greek border. The grim reality of human trafficking is in the mix as the head was found near a wall designed to stop Middle Eastern migrants crossing into Greece from Turkey. Verdan has a literary touch and as well as a mystery novel we are promised a heartfelt portrait of the beauty in Athens. Released 11 January.
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Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan
Ever since they became lovers when students at Oxford, Sophie has known about James’ dark secret. Now he is a successful public figure and a father, but the law is catching up with him. Prosecuting his case is the barrister, Kate, who is certain James is guilty and wants him to pay for his crime. Sophie stood by him then and she’ll do so now, but at what cost? Mirroring allegations of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Westminster and elsewhere, Anatomy of a Scandal chimes with the zeitgeist and you can read it from 11 January.
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