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Jonathan Lyon’s debut will have you baffled. Who is this urchin of a main character, going by the name of Leander? Why is he so intent on manipulating his girlfriends, boyfriends, and anyone else who comes into his sphere of influence? But mainly: where has this talented literary crime fiction author been hiding?

In this brilliant, provocative and poetic story, Leander’s mission of self-amusement leads to damage and death here and there, which he may or may not regret. It’s hard to tell – maybe he’s an anti-hero. But as his seemingly random, drug-fuelled journey across London progresses it draws him closer and closer to a truly dangerous underworld figure who turns out to be Leander’s nemesis. They both seem out for revenge, but which deserves it more. With Jonathan Lyon’s prose, Carnivore is impossible to put down. He paints with words, and you can read our full review here.

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