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The Accordionist

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The Accordionist is the third, final, and best book in Fred Vargas’ Three Evangelists series. Retired detective Louis Kehlweiler is trying to distance himself from the investigative life he left behind when a page six article about two women who have been murder draws him in. Meanwhile, the retired prostitute Marthe, a recurring character from this series, is sought out on the banks of the Seine by a 20-something accordionist name Clement. Clement is identical to the sketch the papers are running in conjunction with the murders but he swears his innocence. With nowhere to turn, Marthe pulls Kehlweiler into the cast and with him comes the help of the three evangelists. The Accordionist is a touching story about what drives us to find out the truth and help those we know and care about. A book teeming with humanity and tenderness, this is the perfect Vargas for those new to the writer and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy for France’s four-time International Dagger winner. Read our full review here.

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