Pele's Domain

Written by Albert Tucher — Al Tucher has made something of a specialty of setting his crime stories in Hawaii, especially the Big Island, and his new novella puts the lore, multicultural mix, unique foods and island attitude front and centre once again. Kilauea, home…
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A Time to Scatter Stones

Written by Lawrence Block — Matt Scudder might just be one of the most under-appreciated private detectives in American crime fiction. The former cop has worked 17 cases in crime novels, dating back to the first in the series, The Sins of the Fathers in…
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Russian Roulette

Written by Sara Sheridan — When Sheridan’s first Mirabelle Bevan book, Brighton Belle, was published in 2012 I was quickly hooked by the story of an ex-Secret Service backroom girl, Mirabelle, who thinks her life is over after World War II. Like many women who are…
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Book Club

Eight Million Ways to Die

Lawrence Block’s 1982 novel is rendered in a dark and dangerous style by John K Snyder III as he recreates the story in graphic novel form. Central to the piece is Block’s iconic private detective, Matt Scudder, who wrestles with his alcohol addiction while trying…
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