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BNBlogo200NTN 2014 logo courier 100Today we’re introducing you to Britain’s Next Bestseller, a new publisher that takes a straightforward and modern approach to all genres of fiction including crime. Britain’s Next Bestseller first-time authors a chance to get their manuscripts published without going through all the rigmarole involved in self-publishing or the traditional route involving agents, rejections and so forth. By supporting new talent in this way, the company is an ideal partner and sponsor for New Talent November.

It works like this. First you submit a manuscript to them here, and if the folks at Britain’s Next Bestseller think it’s got a chance of making the bigtime, they put together a campaign page for it on their website, using their social media and promotional skills to draw attention to it. Readers can then pre-order the book and if you achieve 250 pre-orders the company will go about publishing your work and putting it on sale. It’s fair and it’s simple, and a growing number of crime novels are being published in this way. Here are five of them…

mactheknife100bMac the Knife by LD Callow
Published after winning over 250 pledges from readers, Mac the Knife is about 10-year-old Scott Randon, lone survivor of a vicious slaughter that took his family. He must learn to navigate a world far from the life he once led. When an act of kindness unwittingly plunges him into a ruthless criminal underworld, young Scott embarks on an emotional journey that tests his morality and resolve as he fights to avenge the life so violently seized from him. A gritty, fast paced, crime thriller, where to survive, death becomes his only weapon.
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intervention100Intervention by Emma Louise Shaw
Emma Louise Shaw’s book is in its campaign stage, seeking 250 pre-orders so that it can be published. Main character Jai has been haunted and tormented since the day her little brother disappeared. One bleak night when life is too much to bear she attempts suicide. As she lies dying on her kitchen floor a strange woman with black eyes appears and not only saves her life but also tells her that her little brother is still alive. Jai makes it her mission to find out who this woman is and where her brother has gone. However she doesn’t realise that she’s about to put her own life in grave danger as she discovers secrets about humanity itself she was never meant to know.
Watch the trailer and pre-order

Nothing100Nothing by Margaret J Carr
The psychological thriller Nothing is also in campaign mode, seeking 250 pre-orders. It tells the story of Cassie, a recently divorced woman who discovers she’s being stalked. Written in the first person this is one woman’s obsession and downward spiral into madness. She had a successful career and happy life but now all that has changed. The author wrote her first book when she was 12, has worked as a top make-up and beauty consultant, and is now following her dream to become a thriller writer. You’ll find a trailer, extract and further information by clicking the link below.
Watch the trailer and pre-order

willowtree100The Willow Tree by Bekki Pate
Great news for author Bekki Pate – her book has been published by Britain’s Next Bestseller and comes out on 5 January. Nick Jenkins cannot sleep. He drinks too much. All he can think about is her, and the night she disappeared. He is being taunted by her face, by those creatures who keep wearing it, mocking him. He is close, so close, but he is not the only one looking for her. Who will get to her first? And if he finds her, will she be the same as he remembered?
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banshee100Banshee by Michael McDonnell
Here’s a book from a Northern Ireland author that brings together the island’s Celtic folklore with the plotline of a modern thriller. Local superstition claims that when death is imminent the Banshee sings. Dismissing this as nonsense and with terrible danger facing Kenmare, Inspector Dermot O’Hara confronts unseen powers and his old nemesis, Assistant Commissioner Quinn. New romance is born but old skeletons and past sins emerge to torment O’Hara and disrupt his cosy existence. All the detective’s skills are called on to solve the mystery and save his town. The book is looking for support from 250 early buyers to be published by Britain’s Next Bestseller.
Read a sample and pre-order

To find out more about Britain’s Next Bestseller click here.

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