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BNBlogo200NTN_2015_100We first introduced you to Britain’s Next Bestseller in last year’s edition of New Talent November. BNBS is a publishing company that uses new media to bring the widest possible audience to new novels across a wide range of genres – novels that could well become Britain’s (and the world’s) next bestsellers.

The premise is simple: UK authors can submit a completed, unpublished, fully edited manuscript here, and if the work gets enough pre-orders, Britain’s Next Bestseller commits to publishing it. The company calls it, “…a fairer, faster and more profitable way to get published.” And for readers it’s a chance to choose which books they really want to see published. More information can be found on the company’s website.

We think BNBS is a really appropriate sponsor for New Talent November, and we’re proud to have them on board. Let’s take a look at five of the books that they’ve published recently.

PrintDangerous Appointment by Dennis Kenyon
A helicopter lands on the chilly surface of Lake Michigan. Alistair Craig, who was just looking for a new life and a million dollars to start it with, finds himself facing a heart-stopping flight across the Atlantic to the Champagne Princess. The political intrigue, action, torture and romance follow Craig as he races to the luxury yacht, in a desperate attempt to thwart the plans of both ISIS and the IRA.
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Rings of Smoke by Diane O’Tooleringsofsmoke
Leonard Fitch is an eminent neurosurgeon with a thirst for revenge. Childhood cruelty at the hands of his mother leads Leonard to swear revenge on womankind, but on mothers in particular. At a secluded lodge he carried out his twisted revenge – stealing girls on their birthdays and keeping them captive for a full 12 months, before sending the mothers a picture of their daughters on their next birthday – dead, with their severed feet on either side of their head.
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hellboundHellbound: The Tally Man by David McCaffrey
Obadiah Stark, aka The Tally Man, is executed under the watchful eye of his victims’ families, the world’s media, and an investigative reporter named Joe O’Connell. Joe wants to find out what caused Obadiah to commit his crimes, but he finds clues and inconsistencies which force him to look into the execution. Meanwhile Obadiah awakens to find himself in his old hometown, where he feels compelled to kill again and again. As the pattern of death and evil rebirth repeats, Obadiah is forced to confront emotions he has never experienced before. We reviewed the book here.
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The Willow Tree by Bekki Patethe-willow-tree
In the first part of the Fragment Trilogy we meet Nick Jenkins, insomniac, drunkard, who can’t stop thinking about a face from his past. He knows he’s not the only one looking for her, but who will get to her first? And if he finds her, will she be the same as he remembers? This mystery digs 20 years into the past, and finds that not all demons are in the bottoms of bottles.
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Mac The Knife by LD Callowmactheknife
10-year-old Scott Randon is the lone survivor of the vicious slaughter that took his family. He must learn to navigate a world far from the life he once led. When an act of kindness unwittingly plunges him into a ruthless criminal underworld, young Scott embarks on an emotional journey that tests his morality and resolve as he fights to avenge the life so violently seized from him. A gritty, fast-paced, crime thriller where to survive death becomes his only weapon.
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To find out more about Britain’s Next Bestseller click here.

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