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choosetheplotEver been reading a book where the main character creeps up the stairs, and reaches for a door handle, knowing the killer is in the next room? Ever thought, ‘No way I’d do that!’? Well a new story has cropped up recently where the reader gets to choose what happens.

When we were at the ITV Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards last week, Penguin was giving out promotional copies of #ChooseThePlot, a book wherein Christopher Fowler, Jane Casey and James Oswald have all written sections. The book begins by telling the tale of an Ian McFarland who’s working in a Glasgow diner. After attacking a customer, he gets home to find a free credit card in the post with a spending limit of £250,000.

When you reach the end of the first chapter and the cops arrive, you can decide who has been killed. Your choice will take you to a chapter written by another author. It’s a bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, or one of those Fighting Fantasy stories from the 1980s.

You can get it free for your Kindle using the link below:

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