On the Radar: The Peculiar Crimes Unit returns

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Quirky, darkly comical and yet comforting in its own way, the Bryant & May series by Christopher Fowler is one of the best that British crime fiction has to offer. If you haven’t tried a novel from this series yet, it’s time to make amends. The latest is about to be released, and you could start there – we have news of it below. Or you can get a flavour of it with one of our many articles relating to the books and the author. This week, we also feature new novels by Rob Rufus, Karin Slaughter, Martin Edwards and Andrea Mara. Enjoy…

London Bridge is Falling Down by Christopher Fowler

London Bridge is Falling Down by Christopher Fowler front cover

Set a reminder for 22 July if you’re a fan of Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May series. London Bridge is Falling Down follows Oranges and Lemons, and it’s another mystery that is more geriatric than children’s nursery. Amelia Hoffman’s death is initially written off as a tragic signifier of a failed society, but Bryant and May of the Peculiar Crimes Unit soon discover that she was once a security expert and suspect that the 91-year-old probably didn’t die alone in her flat. Other women with hidden talents are also in danger, they all have models of London Bridge, and it’s to the river that their chase takes our detective duo…
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Paradise, WV by Rob Rufus

Paradise WV by Rob Rufus front cover

Rob Rufus is a musician and screenwriter with a punk rock sensibility and on 20 July his latest novel hits the Kindle… um… shelves. Paradise, West Virginia is at the pounding heart of America’s opioid epidemic but that isn’t the only difficulty facing teens Henry and Jane Lusher as they grow up. Their father has been convicted of murder and dubbed The Blind Spot Slasher. Ostracised by the community, they team up with rookie detective Otis to try and clear his name but in doing so discover that an array of crimes have been swept along in the torrent of opioid abuse – crimes that some people don’t want uncovered.
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False Witness by Karin Slaughter

False Witness by Karin Slaughter front cover

Two decades ago, Leigh and her sister Callie did something really bad. They managed to hide it and moved on in their lives. Now that past misdeed is about to catch up with them in Karin Slaughter‘s newest thrilling standalone, False Witness, that’s out now. It’s 23 years on since that fateful event, and Leigh has put it behind her and become a successful lawyer. But secrets always come out in Crime Fiction Land – and Leigh’s moment of truth could be just around the corner. She has a new client, and that client knows all about what Callie and Leigh did. He holds all the cards, and unless she cooperates with him, Leigh and Callie’s lives will be torn apart…
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The Crooked Shore by Martin Edwards

The Crooked Shore by Martin Edwards front cover

Martin Edwards‘ latest in the Lake District Cold Case Mysteries series finds DCI Hannah Scarlett buried under paperwork when a tasty morsel crosses her desk. Ramona Smith disappeared from Bowness more than 20 years ago, but the prime suspect was found not guilty and walked free. Now Ramona’s story is in the headlines once more after a shocking tragedy on the Crooked Shore, the fount of dark legends in the south of the Lake District. It seems that the killer is back, and Scarlett has her work cut out if she’s to halt his escalating crime spree. The Crooked Shore is out on 22 July.
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All Her Fault by Andrea Mara

All Her Fault by Andrea Mara front cover

A mother’s worst nightmares come true when Marissa calls to pick up her son, Milo, from his first playdate with a classmate at his new school. He isn’t there, and the woman who answers the door in the quiet Dublin suburb isn’t anyone Marissa recognises. Who has Milo and why has he been taken? As the rumour mill begins to grind, whispers start to spread about the four women most closely connected to the shocking event. Because only one of them may have taken Milo — but they could all be blamed… A twisty-turny slice of domestic noir, All Her Fault by Andrea Mara is out now.
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