The Funeral Owl

FuneralOwlA dark, menacing and resentful land, where the people are as hard and edgy as the relentless landscape? No, this isn’t set in the hard-scrabble Midwest, or among the endless cotton fields of Mississippi. It is set in England. In Cambridgeshire. In Fenland, to be precise. Jim Kelly delights in the bleak landscape, the isolated communities, and generations of people who, shall we say, have not wandered far in their attempts to widen their gene pool. The central character is Philip Dryden, the editor of an Ely newspaper. As he investigates the brutal murder of a Chinese national, and a brutal robbery from decades earlier, he must leave the comfort zone of Ely’s museums, craft centres, upmarket gallerias and tourist attractions, and enter a different and far more challenging world. Find out more here.

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