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On the Radar — Easter is virtually here, so this week’s book report takes a look at what new books the genre has to offer those looking for an alternative to chocolate, for the non-chocaholics out there. Last week we took a look at some indie and self-published writers, but our four books this week are from a crop of well-seasoned and bestselling crime and thriller authors. So if you’re a fan of Harlan Corben, William Ryan, Mark Edwards or Mo Hayder, or maybe looking for something a little different to try, then why not consider one of these…

cobenSix Years by Harlan Coben
Having lost the love of his life to another man six years ago, college professor Jake Fisher has thrown himself into his work and tried to focus on his career, but he’s never been able to forget Natalie or the way he’s always felt about her. When he comes across her husband Todd’s obituary, Fisher finds that he can’t stay away from the funeral, but when he sets eyes on the grieving widow, it isn’t Natalie and this woman has been married to Todd for more than a decade. So where is she? He’s determined to find her but their mutual friends either can’t be found or don’t know who Fisher is. No-one seems to know where Natalie is and he soon realises that not only is his life in danger, but what he thought was reality may be nothing more than a carefully constructed fiction. They’re saying it’s Harlan Coben’s best book since Tell No One, and it’s out on 25 April. Find out with our upcoming review.
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The Twelfth Department by William Ryanryan
The third instalment of William Ryan’s highly engaging Korolev Mysteries is due for release on 23 May, and an advance copy has just arrived at CFL HQ. Moscow 1937, and Captain Korolev is looking forward to spending some time with his son, Yuri, who is due to arrive for a week-long visit. However, it’s not long after Yuri’s arrival that Korolev receives a call from his boss asking him to take charge of a new case. A prominent figure has been murdered and because of its level of sensitivity, Korolev is the only man they can trust. It’s a case that’s likely to complicate more than his plans with his son. In fact, it goes well beyond his paygrade and could potentially have him stepping on some very dangerous toes. In this fishpond full of sharks, messing with top level security can get you and your family killed, but he still has a murderer find.
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magpiesThe Magpies by Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards is one half of the writing duo Voss and Edwards – rising stars in UK crime fiction – but with The Magpies he’s flying solo, and self-publishing. Moving in together for the first time can been a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to choosing where to live. For Jamie and girlfriend Kirsty, it’s an exciting time. The start of their future together and their new neighbours seem friendly enough, but then things start to turn nasty. Dead rats left on their doorstep, disturbing noises in the middle of the night, and then Jamie’s best friend falls victim to a horrific accident. The couple find themselves the targets of a terror campaign, which they don’t understand, but Jamie is determined to fight back against. There’s only one problem. He has no idea what he’s really up against. The Magpies is out now at £1.99.
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Poppet by Mo Hayderpoppet
Fresh from her triumph at the Edgars last April, Mo Hayder is back with another chiller. The Amberley Secure Unit houses patients who are highly suggestible, so when a series of unexplained power cuts starts occurring, together with a several of horrific incidents, panic naturally ensues and the staff are just as spooked as the patients they care for. DI Jack Caffrey is looking for the body of a missing woman when he’s approached by AJ, a senior psychiatric nurse at the unit, and asked to look into the matter. Poppet is released today.
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On the Radar is our weekly new releases column. Come back next Thursday for more…

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