The Twelfth Department

Written by William Ryan — Moscow, 1937, and the hand of Stalin’s empire lies heavily on every street, boulevard, public park, apartment block and factory in the city. And on every citizen. None more so than Captain Alexei Korolev of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department….
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Crime fiction Easter eggs...

On the Radar — Easter is virtually here, so this week’s book report takes a look at what new books the genre has to offer those looking for an alternative to chocolate, for the non-chocaholics out there. Last week we took a look at some…
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From Russia with Crime Fiction Lover

With Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina set to grace cinema screens from 7 September, we thought it might be apt to take a look at crime fiction with a Russian accent. If we asked you to list several Russian crime writers, we’re pretty sure that…
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