The Office of Lost and Found

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Without giving too much away, The Office of Lost and Found tells the story of a man named Thomas Locke who finds things that are lost. When Veronica Drysdale asks Locke to help find her missing husband, she soon finds out how lost you can be in a world that makes little sense. And Veronica is about to discover, that in a world that doesn’t make sense, nothing is as it should be. It puts monsters under beds, transports you to other worlds, and makes potted plants argumentative. Veronica is also made to face the past, and all that entails. And that’s before Locke’s shadowy business partner Lafarge is accounted for… Suffice to say, there is so much more to the story than just this. There’s quite a bit of crime involved, but not in the usual procedural way. It’s no rules crime, mystery, and fantasy from beginning to end.

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