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Far South

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Written as the casebook of Juan Manuel Perez, Far South follows his detailed investigation into the disappearance of enigmatic theatre director, Gerardo Fischer. It’s set in Argentina, but what makes it so new and experimental is that at certain points the story points you to websites to watch short films, listen to audio recordings and analyse other documents related to Gerardo, and potentially, his disappearance.Think of it as a cold case with the reader as the new investigator, being presented with the evidence Juan Manuel has gathered during his inquiry. It adds an extra sense of realism to the mystery. Being able to see and hear the characters makes them feel more like actual people, pulling you deeper into the story and, at times, almost blurring the lines between fiction and reality. This is a book with bags of appeal, especially if you enjoy flexing your little grey cells. It’s totally absorbing and will keep you hooked even after you’ve finished reading it.
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