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No, we’re not apologising for anything. We just wanted to tell you about the upcoming book by German author Zoran Drvenkar which is entitled Sorry. It’s already a bestseller in Germany and has won the 2011 Friedrich Glauser Prize, the top award in German language crime fiction.

The book has an interesting premise. Four friends have started an agency called Sorry – they make apologies on behalf of other people for a living. So if someone unfairly fires an employee and regrets it, they hire Sorry to say ‘sorry’. Trouble is, a killer has decided to play a little game with them. He’s brutally murdered a woman and nailed her to a wall. And now he’s hired Sorry to apologise to her for the killing.

Who is the killer and why is he doing this to them? Can he be stopped?

Sorry, which is set in Berlin, uses a unique storytelling method giving you the killer’s perspective as well as those of the protagonists. There are signs that it could garner just as many plaudits in English as it has in German. It’s being released in the UK by HarperCollins at the beginning of March, so keep an eye out for it. You can watch the trailer below, and pre-order the hardback if it sounds like it’s down your street.

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