An English Murder

Written by Cyril Hare — Faber and Faber’s new reissue of Cyril Hare’s 1951 novel An English Murder could not be more timely as division and extremism make for fraught politics. Trump and his white supremacists versus the deep blue Democrats, Brexiters and Corbynistas, and…
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Pleasantville by Attica Locke

We’ve come to expect politics to play a part in Attica Locke’s intelligent thrillers. The author was one of our Women to Watch in 2013 and Pleasantville is her third book, set in the midst of a hard-fought election in 1996 in Houston, Texas. It’s…
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First look: The Illegalists

One thing we wish we had more of on Crime Fiction Lover is graphic novels. So we were really pleased to hear from writer Stefan Vogel when he got in touch with news about The Illegalists, a new graphic novel he’s putting together with artist Attila…
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