Mal McEwan: Top five books of 2019

I want my crime fiction to take me to different places, often darker ones, that I don’t recognise. So, there’s no domestic noir here but there are two books featuring men called Keller, and a couple of them could prop open a pair of heavy…
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A Book of Bones, and more

On the Radar — It’s a strong week for new releases and our books news column brings you the latest from Louise Beech and Alafair Burke, a Scottish crime debut and one from Australia, as well as the hotly awaited A Bloody Business. However, top…
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The Woman in the Woods

Written by John Connolly — The Charlie Parker series has been thrilling fans for nearly 20 years. Every Dead Thing introduced the American ex-cop and private detective, whose own life is every bit as troubled as the poor unfortunates who seek out his services. Irish author…
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