Summer of Reckoning

Written by Marion Brunet, translated by Katherine Gregor — Some teenage summers are just too awkward and painful to revisit. In this psychological thriller, which won the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, French crime fiction author Marion Brunet expertly describes a summer of that exact…
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First look: Cromwell Stone

Of course we’ll call out cheating in crime novels whenever possible, such as when authors use the supernatural as a get-out at the end of a mystery. However, do feel free to call us hypocrites when we say we also love a crime story tinged…
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The Godmother

Written by Hannelore Cayre, translated by Stephanie Smee — This fantastic novel, first published in France only two years ago, has already won the European Crime Fiction Prize and the Grand Prix de Literature Policiere. Isabelle Huppert will star in the film adaptation coming next…
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