Death Notice

Written by Zhou Haohui, translated by Zac Haluza — A modern action and psychological thriller by a Chinese writer based in China with political themes? Is that even possible? The answer is yes, if this book by Zhou Haohui is any indication. Zhou is one of…
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Book Club

The Borrowed

Chan Ho-Kei’s The Borrowed is a backward-facing epic, looking over sixty years of the modern history of Hong Kong. In six parts it tells the story of Kwan Chun-Dok and his protégé, Sonny Lok, two Hong Kong cops navigating the corrupt and changing world of policing, as…
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First look: New Chinese crime fiction

It’s been an exciting summer for virtual travel through the medium of crime fiction. We’ve been all over the States, to France and Poland, and Japanese crime fiction is really starting to fizz. Next stop… Hong Kong. And here’s the airplane that’s going to transport…
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Black Holes by He Jiahong

Translated by Emily Jones — We have an unusual little gem for you today: crime fiction set in the rapidly-changing China of the mid-1990s and written by an author who is one of China’s foremost authorities on criminal justice and a professor of law at…
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