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You’ll be pleased you clicked to open our report because there’s a lot to discover in the crime fiction genre this week. Greg Mosse, husband of historical fiction author Kate Mosse, is set to release his second eco thriller, The Coming Storm. We also have a literary thriller from Norway, and three independently published crime books from Greg Rhyno, Trish Lundy and Maggie Carpenter. These names may be new to you, but their books look fascinating.

The Coming Storm by Greg Mosse

The Coming Storm by Greg Mosse front cover

Alexandre Lamarque makes a comeback on 25 April in The Coming Storm, sequel to 2022 Sunday Times Thriller of the Year, The Coming Darkness. Once tasked with hunting eco-terrorists, now Lamarque is fighting forces sending the world towards ecological disaster himself. He’s recovering from personal loss, and finding it hard to be in the spotlight, but Lamarque must set that aside and reunite with Mariam, the woman he loves, and Amaury, his truest friend, to face a conspiracy and some equally destructive foes. The battle will take them from the streets of Paris to the lithium mines of southern Mali, and the Aswan Dam – but who will come out on top in Greg Mosse’s latest thriller?
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The Sea Cemetery by Aslak Nore

The Sea Cemetery by Aslak Nore front cover

Ready for a touch of literary suspense from Norway? Then make a date with The Sea Cemetery by Aslak Nore, out 25 April. When the imperious matriarch of the powerful Falck family dies, the warring Oslo and Bergen branches of the clan see no reason to unite in mourning. With no sign of a will, granddaughter Sasha takes it upon herself to find out the truth about the family’s history, putting her in conflict with her father in the process. Could a confiscated manuscript hold the answer to the family’s secrets? Taking inspiration from one of Norway’s most devastating World War II maritime disasters, this is a dark and sweeping family saga of secrets and betrayal.
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Who by Fire by Greg Rhyno

Who By Fire by Greg Rhyno front cover

Dame Polara works to preserve heritage buildings – a million miles away from a childhood spent helping her private detective father solve cases, and that’s just the way she likes it. Nowadays, her goals are to work at her career, care for her ailing father and finally settle down and raise a family of her own, but how can she succeed when her landlord has just served her with an eviction notice? He offers her an alternative – keep an eye on his cheating wife, and Dame can stay. But her investigation leads Dame to a serial arsonist targeting the very buildings she is trying to preserve. Looks like those skills her father taught her may come in handy after all. Who by Fire by Greg Rhyno is out on 20 April.
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The One That Got Away With Murder by Trish Lundy

The One That Got Away With Murder by Trish Lundy front cover

Trish Lundy unleashes her debut YA thriller on 16 April with the arrival of The One That Got Away With Murder. Brothers Robbie and Trevor Cresmont have everything they could ever dream of. They’re handsome and privileged… and accomplished killers. Both have had girlfriends who have died suspiciously. It seems the Cresmonts are above the law, but when Robbie begins a no-strings-attached relationship with new girl at school Lauren O’Brian it could be that the brothers have finally met their match. Because Lauren has secrets too, and a dark past she is desperate to put behind her.
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The Deadly Stilettos by Maggie Carpenter

The Deadly Stilettos by Maggie Carpenter front cover

We’ve heard of killer heels, but this takes the phrase to a whole new level! Former cop turned private investigator Patrick McGuire is about to head home from the office when a flustered blonde woman appears, brandishing a red shoe covered in blood. Ruby Rose says her husband has been murdered, but McGuire knows there’s more to the tale she’s spinning. Then the truth comes out – the dead man was involved with the mob, and Ruby may well have killed him herself. It’s up to McGuire to protect his client and get to the bottom of it all. Set in 1930s Manhattan, The Deadly Stilettos by Maggie Carpenter is out now.
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