The doctor will see you now… Jack Jordan

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Crime fiction author Jack Jordan interviewed

The latest edition of The Doctor Will See You Now, Dr Jacky Collins’ video interview series, finds author English author Jack Jordan in the consulting chair – and talking all things medical while taking time out from a busy book tour promoting his new novel.

Do No Harm is Jack’s sixth book, and his journey to this point has been long and unpredictable. He first started writing in his late teens, when a combination of agoraphobia and insomnia created the perfect opportunity for creating a novel. He actually wrote his first story on his Blackberry.

That was 12 years ago, and it would be another five years before Jack decided to self publish his first two books after failing to find a traditional publisher. “Rejection is part of being a writer – it is baked into the DNA of publishing and I always think ‘I’ll prove them wrong’.” he says.

Do No Harm tells the story of a surgeon who must kill someone on the operating table or never see her precious son again. It’s “…a mix of murder, mayhem and medicine” according to Jacky’s mini review. It is the first of a two book deal with Simon and Schuster. “The book is very special to me and I’m with the best team in publishing – we work together so well,” Jack explains in the interview.

Learn more about Jack’s process, his love of research and why Waterstones in Colchester holds a special place in his heart… and in the acknowledgments of his book.

If you’re intrigued, order yourself a copy below…

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