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Alan Parks video interview with Dr Noir

Scottish author Alan Parks has reached book five in his series featuring police detective Harry McCoy. The series is set in Glasgow in the 1970s, with each title featuring the name of a month. It began with Bloody January back in 2017, and May God Forgive is out in May 2022. Already, the ‘June’ title for book six is causing issues for the author, as he tells Dr Jacky Collins in the latest of her engaging The Doctor Will See You Now video interviews.

Parks reveals how being made redundant and a subsequent change of job meant long commutes by train between Glasgow and London – which inspired him to begin writing a novel to pass the time. He then promptly put it into a drawer and forgot about it, until best-selling author Sarah Pinborough helped it along the way to publication…

The grit of 1970s Glasgow features large in the books and the Royston district – the setting for May God Forgive, out later this month – was inspired by Parks taking outdoor exercise classes there during the pandemic and realising the area was ripe for a crime book. “I always write things geographically specific”, he reveals. He also has plenty to say about Harry McCoy and how the character has developed and grown over the five books.

Tune in now to discover why Parks thinks hotel rooms are ‘a moral playpen’ and why he delights in being ‘that weirdo on the bus who’s always listening to other people’s conversations.’

Sit back and enjoy another fascinating conversation – and look out for our review of May God Forgive, coming soon.

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