Crime fiction miracles

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On the Radar — It really is a miracle how popular crime fiction has been this century, and we’ve got a barrel full of amazement for you this week including new novels by Michael J Malone, David Baldacci, Danuta Kot and more. Let us know which one you’re most looking forward to…

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In the Absence of Miracles by Michael J Malone

Here’s a new novel from Scottish author Michael J Malone with a heartbreaking premise… When John Docherty’s mother has a stroke and is taken to a nursing home, he has to go through her things and prepare the family home for sale. Up in the attic he makes a chilling discovery. It turns out he had a brother he knew nothing about – a brother who disappeared as a toddler and was never mentioned again. Now John wants to know what happened, but all he gets is silence and a harrowing fight for the truth is what he faces in this troubling domestic noir. Out now for Kindle. We’ve previously reviewed A Suitable Lie.
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One Good Deed by David Baldacci

Two new David Baldacci books in a year? You are spoiling us sir! Hot on the heels of spring release Redemption, reviewed here, this is a standalone set in post-war America and it’s out on 25 July. It’s 1949, and former soldier and ex-con Aloysius Archer arrives in the dusty Southern town of Poca City. He has a little money, the clothes he’s wearing and an appointment with a parole officer. Archer did time for a crime he didn’t commit, now he wants a fresh start and a bit of peace. A job as a debt collector sounds like the answer to his prayers but it’s about to put him in the frame when a Poca City resident is murdered. Can he prove his innocence?
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Life Ruins by Danuta Kot

The latest thought-provoking, fast-paced psychological thriller by Danuta Kot is out on 25 July. It’s a standalone set in Yorkshire. Jared is recovering from a near-fatal injury and addicted to painkillers, so it comes as no surprise that the police don’t believe him when he claims to have found a body at the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft. Particularly when it mysteriously vanishes. Meanwhile, a mystery girl is badly beaten and dumped, her features unrecognisable. Becca thinks she knows who she is, although no one takes her seriously. Then Jared and Becca meet – can they combine what they know and sort out what the hell is going on? For more Yorkshire-based crime, try No One Home by Tim Weaver.
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The Possession by Michael Rutger

The second in the Anomaly Files series is out on 25 July and finds American myth and legend investigator Nolan Moore and his team on a new mission – to delve into a rumoured case of witchcraft and possession. They head to a sweet little village in the middle of the woods – sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But like all good fairy tales there’s something dark lurking in the shadows and as the residents share their tales of strange phenomena Nolan and company come to the conclusion that something all too real and dangerous may be at play. A force that may not be willing to let them escape the village unscathed… Read our review of the first in the series, The Anomaly, here.
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The Uber Connection by Barry Bowe

The story of the crime author who moonlights as an Uber driver is an all to familiar one, it seems, and here that author is Steve Piasecki. However, his mystery story credentials are about to receive a boost as while responding to the bleeps of his iPhone and picking up fares he uncovers a joint venture between Mexican and Chinese cartels that is using Uber to traffic drugs from New York to Philadelphia. According to the author, Piasecki is all action when the chips are down so expect an exciting, if not uncomfortable, ride in this Uber mystery.
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