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On the Radar — A new book from Lawrence Block is always big news, and this week we announce the arrival of A Time To Scatter Stones, which features Matt Scudder. In addition, we’ve got an Agatha Christie-style mystery, a psychological thriller, a legal thriller, an international thriller and some historical crime set in Ancient Greece. What more could you want? Fish and chips, perhaps? After all, it is Friday.

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A Time to Scatter Stones by Lawrence Block

This novella from New York author Lawrence Block resonates with the past in more ways than one. It sees the return of private detective Matt Scudder who, unlike so many other fictional characters, has aged in real time alongside his creator. In a case reminiscent of Eight Million Ways to Die, Scudder tries to help a sex worker get out of the game. Unfortunately, she’s been ensnared by one of her clients. Watch for the limited edition leather-bound version from Subterranean Press. It’s out 31 January. We last met Matt Scudder in the short story anthology Alive in Shape and Color.
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Dangerous Deceits by Cherith Baldry

Best known for her works of fantasy and science fiction, Cherith Baldry turns her attentions to the whodunit, with a tale that certainly has a touch of the Agatha Christie about it. Thomas Coates, Vicar of St Paul’s, Ellingwood, disappears from his vestry just before Sunday service and is later found dead on the North Downs. Who did the deed? Amateur sleuth Gawaine St Clair reluctantly agrees to investigate and is soon overwhelmed with suspects. His detective work gets even more complicated when the local doctor’s receptionist commits suicide… Out 28 January in the UK, already out in the US.
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It Should Have Been Me by Susan Wilkins

The trend for crime books taking famous songs as their titles continues with this psychological thriller, out 24 January. DC Jo Boden was inspired to join the police after her beloved elder sister was murdered while at university. Now memories of that time are about to resurface as Sarah’s killer is released from prison. Documentary-maker Bryony Rowe knew Sarah Boden at uni and she’s convinced the murderer is innocent. It’s enough to make Jo take a second look at the original inquiry and the questions it throws up are about to put her own life in danger…
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Judgment by Joseph Finder

Boston-based writer Joseph Finder has spun out a new legal thriller here, and in Judgment we meet the normally upstanding judge, Juliana Brody. She’s away at a legal conference and does something most out of character – she has a one night stand with handsome stranger, Matias. Back at work, her next brief is a high-profile sex discrimination case and who should step into the court… well, it’s Matias. Now, not just her career is on the line, her family is in danger too. Out 29 January.
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The Disappeared by Sibel Hodge

Nicole Palmer is a widow, grieving the untimely death of her doctor husband, who was killed in a light plane crash in the African country of Narumbe nearly a year ago. Then she receives a mysterious envelope in the post, containing a photo of her husband and a cryptic message and her world turns upside down. Could Mason still be alive? Nicole’s quest for the truth is about to put her life on the line in an international thriller that encompasses corruption, deceit, child slavery and… chocolate. Out now.
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The Athens Atrocities by Alexander Arrowsmith

Here’s one for anyone who loves historical crime fiction, and it goes way back in time to Ancient Greece. Indie author Alexander Arrowsmith writes about the former general Polydektos, whose son has died in battle and who now splits his life between drinking and his two lovers. One night he arrives home to find his family have been dismembered, and soon after he is accused of the murders. Who is there to try and help him out of this pickle? Well, it’s none other than his old friend Sokrates. Out now for Kindle, soon in print.
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