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On the Radar — It’s a good week for anyone looking for work by indie and self-published authors. Michael Pronko’s latest mystery set in Japan is due to hit the shelves, there’s some creepiness on the way from SJI Holliday and Mark Dawson, who went indie and has sold over a million books, is back with a new espionage thriller. And there’s plenty more gems in this bag…

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The Moving Blade by Michael Pronko
The Japanese detective Hiroshi Shimizu is back on the streets of Tokyo, and this time he’s searching for the killer of American diplomat Bernard Mattson. It’s not going to be easy with the political angle involved, but he has Sakaguchi, an ex-sumo wrestler on his side as the investigation takes them into the dive bars of the city, government offices and through anti-nuclear demonstrations on their way to the heart of a military conspiracy. We reviewed The Last Train here, and can’t wait for 30 September when The Moving Blade arrives.
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The Lingering by SJI Holliday
Cults, secrets and ghostly goings on haunt the pages of SJI Holliday’s latest thriller, out 30 September for Kindle. Ali and Jack Gardiner leave their London lifestyle behind and join a commune in the Fens. What’s prompted such a drastic decision? It’ll take a while before you find out. The ex-copper and psychiatric nurse try hard to fit in at Rosalind House, a former mental hospital with a chequered past, but it’s clear there’s something off about the pair. Meanwhile, strange occurrences are putting everyone on edge in a book you’ll want to read with all the lights on.
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Sleepers by Mark Dawson
Luckily for fans of self-published author Mark Dawson, number 13 in his series featuring Group Fifteen agent John Milton is out on 30 September. Milton and fellow agent Michael Pope are called into the fray when a Russian defector is assassinated in a quiet English seaside town. Their search for the killer leads the pair to Moscow, where they come up against the might of Directorate S, the agency responsible for seeding Russian sleeper agents around the world. Milton and Pope must work without backup in a case which brings Milton’s past demons back into focus – can he overcome his past and complete his mission successfully? Watch for our interview with the author soon.
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The Birthday by Carol Wyer
Hot on the heels of her popular series of novels featuring DI Robyn Carter, the writing whirlwind that is Carol Wyer introduces a whole new collection, this time with Detective Natalie Ward at the helm. A little girl disappears without trace from a birthday party held at a garden centre and eventually the investigation fizzles out and is put on the back burner. Then, two years later, little Ava’s body is discovered, just as another little girl goes missing. She was at that party too – what on earth is going on? Ward and her team are baffled, but as they dig deeper it becomes clear that not everyone who was at the garden centre that day is telling the truth… Out 27 September – watch for our review.
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Down to the Woods by MJ Arlidge
Ever since Eeny Meeny, his debut in 2014, MJ Arlidge has been pumping out serial killer thrillers set in England and dripping with blood and suspense. The eighth in the Helen Grace series is now here, and it begins with the murder of Tom Campbell in the New Forest, Hampshire. His body has been found… on display. Before Grace even starts the investigation, there is another victim, giving you some idea of the pace this novel goes at. It’s out 20 September.
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Trapped by Michael Lancashire
Just out from self-published author Michael Lancashire, Trapped is the seventh in The Architect series. The time has come for Seth Mortimer – AKA The Architect – to expand his criminal operation to the US, and the perfect brief has come in – steal the design for a new smartphone chip worth tens of millions of dollars. The heist is all set up, but in the process Seth’s assistant is caught by the firm’s security. If Seth can’t extract his assistant from the situation, his whole operation will be blown.
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The Ash Doll by James Hazel
We’ve seen crime novels where the main characters are unable to walk, suffer chronic myalgia and even dementia. But how does a lawyer earn a living if they suffer from dissociative disorder – a condition involving breakdowns of memory, identity and perception? And more than that, how can said lawyer, Charlie Priest, cope when the witness in his big case is brutally murdered? This legal thriller turns into a hunt for a serial killer as Priest tries to save lives and battle with his condition. Out now for Kindle, out 20 September as a paperback.
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