First look: Babylon Berlin the graphic novel

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Did you watch Babylon Berlin on Sky last November? Or maybe, if you are in the US, you’ll catch it when it begins streaming on Netflix on 30 January. But did you know that the decadent German television programme – the most expensive non-English production ever made – has also been turned into a graphic novel?

Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics been steaming ahead with its noir and hardboiled comics and this time the publishers have pulled right into the Bahnsteig in central Berlin with a graphic novel version of writer Volker Kutscher original bestselling story, Der nasse Fisch. It has been adapted for the format by illustrator and writer Arne Jysch.

The story is set in 1929 Berlin, a period of liberal opulence when fun was to be had in the bars and theatres of the city. But underneath all the enjoyment there is an undercurrent of political tension as both Nazis and communists begin organising, and the Russian mafia seeks to control the criminal underworld. WWI veteran Gereon Rath, a police inspector from Cologne arrives in the city to investigate a porn racket but is drawn into a wider series of plots and protests.

You can pre-order this graphic novel for £24 with the button below, watch the trailer, and sample the first eight pages which we’ve reproduced for you.

Click to expand and view widescreen.

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