Bryant and May go wild

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On the Radar — Seven new books for you this week, starting with the latest Christopher Fowler’s new Bryant and May novel. He’s an author who never ceases to find new ways of looking at London…

Wild Chamber by Christopher Fowler
They are a bit like Britain’s own geriatric version of the X-Files, and Bryant and May are back for their 14th case. Like Mulder and Scully, this intrepid pair of detectives takes on cases which usually have an other-wordly or paranormal dimension to them. And like Mulder and Scully, Christopher Fowler’s men have a well-earned cult following. This latest story is a locked-garden mystery, in which a dog walker is killed in a garden seemingly with no way in or out… and the dog has disappeared! The author will delight in telling you all about London’s ‘wild chambers’ – a series of exclusive gardens across the capital that the killer is exploiting. Out 23 March, and watch for our review.
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Redemption of Charm by Frank Westworth
Another cult series returns with Frank Westworth’s third Killing Sisters novel. JJ Stoner is a military-trained, black ops assassin who’s been cut loose by his handlers and betrayed. Charm is the final Killing Sister he has to face, and while it’s not all too clear what she’s about, according to the blurb this is going to read like Don Winslow or Nic Pizzolatto with a British touch and a little black humour, not to forget a sprinkling of Jack Reacher. Anti-hero crime fiction that arrives 28 March.
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Treacherous Stand by Andrea Carter
Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you our St Patrick’s Day special and tour the Celtic fringe of Europe looking at books set in misty places where the ancients once worshipped. And Treacherous Strand might fit right in with that theme. It takes place on the Inishowen peninsula, in Ireland’s wild county of Donegal, where a French woman has washed up dead. Marguerite was a client of solicitor Benedicta ‘Ben’ O’Keeffe, who feels terribly guilty when the police sweep the case under the carpet. What she discovers is that her client had fled a French doomsday cult 20 years earlier leaving a baby daughter behind. Out now on Kindle, in print 4 April
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Deadly Game by Matt Johnson
Author Matt Johnson was a soldier and police officer who attended several high profile terrorist attacks in London during the 80s and 90s. His own experience of PTSD has shone through in his writing and his first book, Wicked Game, was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey Dagger. The hero Robert Finlay, ex-SAS and Met Police Inspector, is now back and he is investigating human trafficking and the Eastern European slave trade. A key witness is dead and Finlay has a new partner in Nina Brasov. With Johnson’s background you can expect an authentic thriller with emotional punch. Out now.
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Fatal Pursuit by Martin Walker
The fictional town of St Denis is the setting for this murder mystery with the rural French policeman, Bruno Courreges. Walker has taken the true tale of a classic car, the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, as the kernel for this story. There were only four made and one disappeared in France in the Second World War. This is now the ninth book in the Bruno Courreges series and the familiar themes are all present. There is the bucolic French countryside, the sublime food (there is even a Bruno recipe book available) and a dash of Bruno’s love life to add spice. Out now as a paperback.
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The Cutaway by Christina Kovac
Virginia Knightley is a TV journalist and producer who becomes obsessed with the disappearance of Evelyn Carney, a beautiful attorney from Georgetown. Kovac worked in DC newsrooms for 17 years and the action places us squarely behind the camera in the hurly-burly of the newsroom with the frenetic modern media cycles. As well as managing the politics and machinations of the newsroom Knightley digs into the murky corruption of Washington’s elite. This thriller promises an original twist for anyone who needs a refresh from police procedurals and gum-shoed detectives. Out 6 April.
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A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys
With a lovely 1930s-style jacket featuring a huge ocean liner, we are nicely set up for a nautical mystery taking place between Tilbury Docks and Sydney, via lavish locations including Naples, Cairo and Ceylon as was. It is 1939 and Lily Shepherd is heading to Australia. The brass bands strike up, cocktails are shaken, but by the time they dock two passengers are dead, war has broken out and Lily discovers that her fellow passengers have dark secrets to hide. There’s even a fascist called George. Out 23 March, and watch for the CFL review.
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