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On the Radar — Fans of Tartan noir have something new to get their teeth into this week as we lead off with a new novel from Scotland – but this one’s a bit different as it’s set in the 1950s. There are two more books for historical crime fiction lovers, as well as a scuba diving mystery, a psychological crime novel and a police procedural set in West Yorkshire. What’s also interesting this week is that none of the authors whose books appear have been on the site before. So… new blood, then… Enjoy.


The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid by Craig Russell
The fifth book in Craig Russell’s Lennox series sees the Glasgow-based PI flummoxed by the death of Quiet Tommy Quaid. Tommy was a loveable chap, apart from heavy drinking and womanising, the career thief had no real vices. He never used violence and even the police liked him because as per his nickname, he always came quietly. So, why has he turned up dead? Expect a dash of black humour and plenty of atmosphere as Russell once again evokes 1950s Glasgow. Out 4 August.
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bends150The Bends by Leah Devlin
The oceanographic institute at Woods Hole in Massachusetts provides the setting for The Bends, the third book in Leah Devlin’s mystery series. Maggie May is three weeks from graduation when a male student goes missing during a Halloween party. Young detective Bill Bleach arrives to investigate and finds a labyrinth within the walls of the college – was the missing man using it to spy on fellow students, and staff? Who would want him dead? The author brings to bear her expertise in marine biology as she weaves the tale of a ruthless killer operating within the institution where she herself studied. Watch for our review. It’s out 8 August.
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noturningback150No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan
Last year, My Sister’s Secret hit the number one spot on the Kindle charts and the author is back with a new story of tension and pain. A walk on the beach turns into a nightmare for Anna Graves and her baby when they’re attacked by a crazy teenager. They survive, but when the boy dies from his injuries, the police start asking questions. A media storm ensues, and as self-doubt creeps in on Anna there’s a new twist – she’s contacted by the Ophelia Killer, a murderer who operated 20 years prior. It’s out 28 July.
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sonsoftheblood150Sons of the Blood by Robyn Young
The author of the popular Brethren trilogy returns with a historical crime and conspiracy novel set following the Wars of the Roses. Jack Wynter, the bastard son of Sir Thomas Vaughan is sent to Spain and charged with guarding a secret document with his life. As time passes he loses heart and feels that his future is slipping from him. When his father is executed back in England, and Richard III ascends to the throne, new forces come into play and Florentine banker Cosimo de Medici – no less – wants to get his hands on the document that Jack holds. Without knowing it, Jack returns to England holding onto something that could just launch a revolution.
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unquietsouls150Unquiet Souls by Liz Mistry
A new police procedural series from Bloodhound Books kicks off, and the author’s certainly got the right name for the subject. West Yorkshire DI Gus McGuire is on hand to investigate the murder of a prostitute, and before long he’s involved in an international manhunt. It turns out the prostitute was linked to an international child trafficking ring and as things progress McGuire not only has personal problems to deal with, but he begins to wonder whether he can trust his colleagues. Out 30 July.
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secretsinthestones150Secrets in the Stones by Tessa Harris
Tessa Harris sets her Dr Thomas Silkstone mysteries in the 1780s, and here the American anatomist visits the notorious London asylum called Bedlam. He’s seeing one Lady Lydia Farrell who not only has the misfortune of finding the body of Sir Montagu Malthus, but is suspected of the man’s murder. Silkstone gets injured in a duel with the man he thinks did the deed, then decides he might be able to prove the innocence of Lady Lidia – with whom he is in love – via a postmortem. Examining the body he discovers that Malthus’ throat was cut using a Sikh dagger and the colonial connection might even be link this case to the lost mines of Golconda. Released 4 August.
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Read about last week’s new releases here.

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