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Fever City

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fevercity300Tim Baker brings us a high voltage tale of kidnapping, the plot to murder JFK, and dark family secrets. His title can point us in one direction only, and it’s everyone’s favourite crime fiction location – The City of Angels. Baker flits back and forward between the LA of 1960, 1963, and 2014. It’s a testament to his skill that he handles the time switches effortlessly. Cop-turned-PI Nick Alston and his son bestride the years. We watch Alston senior struggle to understand why a hugely connected politician doesn’t want his abducted son found while, decades later, Alston junior is both delighted and terrified that he might have evidence that will solve America’s most enduring murder mystery. Keith Nixon reckons that this will be one of the books of the year. Find out why by reading his review.

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