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On the Radar — Top UK author Belinda Bauer is back with her latest – The Shut Eye – and we also have new releases from Clare Donoghue, and Costello and Richards. From cosy to psychological, from East End to France and Sweden, there’s something new for all crime fiction lovers this week.

The Shut EyeThe Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer
The award-winning Belinda Bauer has become one of the UK’s hottest crime authors and we reviewed The Facts of Life and Death here, as well as meeting her in an interview. Her latest book presents a gripping portrayal of psychosis and obsession. A little boy dies. All his mother has left is a set of tiny footprints preserved forever in cement – wet when he trod there, but now set in stone. When a self-proclaimed psychic embraces her lonely fixation and offers her hope, we become a fly on the wall watching a deadly dance between a heartbroken woman and someone who may offer her salvation… or who may destroy her. Out on 12 March. Watch for our review.
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Falling FreelyFalling Freely, As if in a Dream by Leif GW Persson
There hasn’t been much new Nordic noir of late, but this re-release from Leif GW Persson takes us back to a tragic episode in Swedish history. On 28 February 1986, Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot dead in a Stockholm street while walking home with his wife after a visit to the cinema. No credible assailant has ever been brought to justice, but Persson spins an intriguing yarn about the search for Palme’s killer. Detective Lars Martin Johansson dusts off the abandon files, with explosive results. Watch for our review.
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No Place To DieNo Place to Die by Clare Donoghue
Clare Donoghue might live in the South West, but it’s South London that forms the setting in her books – and wasn’t Never Look Back an excellent debut? In No Place to Die DS Jane Bennett takes charge of South London’s Lewisham murder squad. A retired cop has disappeared, and the forensic clues suggest he’s been brutally killed. Bennett must tread a delicate path between personal loyalties and professional responsibilities as she follows a trail of corpses across the suburban landscape south if the river. Published on 12 March. Watch for our review.
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The WrongedThe Wronged by Kimberley Chambers
Fans of gritty novels set in London’s traditional East End will be well catered for in this latest tale of family feuds, revenge, tough matriarchal women and ‘diamond geezers’. This is the third episode in the saga of the Butler family – following on from Payback, and The Trap. The author is a former taxi driver who has seen the rough side of life, and in this novel she focuses on Vinny Butler who has spent his jail time planning the downfall of his brother Michael. Available on 12 March.
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Assume NothingAssume Nothing, Believe Nobody, Challenge Everything by Mike Craven
In this collection of short stories, we have perhaps the longest title so far in 2015, and maybe a character with the most improbable name. If you were a crime victim, how confident would you be to hear that Detective Inspector Avison Fluke is the man investigating your case? Set in Cumbria, in North West England, we have a collection of challenges for DI Fluke. Child neglect, courtroom shenanigans, the untamed world of social media and a trip to an African warzone give the policeman plenty to chew on. Out today.
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A Lesson In MurderA Lesson in Murder by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards
The Cherringham series is for lovers of cosy crime fiction and features Sarah, an English web designer, and Jack, a tough American ex-cop. Cherringham is an exclusive independent school for girls, housed in a stately home which would not be out of place in a novel by Agatha Christie. First the pair of investigators are investigating some mysterious pranks, but when a popular teacher is murdered it looks as though someone wants a dark secret to remain buried. On the shelves from 9 March.
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DisobeyDisobey by Jacqui Rose
Kimberley Chambers has her violent East End families, and Jacqui Rose is not to be outdone. The West End district of Soho has a long and disreputable history of vice and organised crime. When Alfie Jenkins steps outside the protective fence provided by the racketeers to set up an independent casino, he is asking for trouble – and he gets it. He can cope with the heavy boys, but when his niece is grabbed by a gang specialising in provided young flesh to elderly millionaires, all bets are off. Jenkins throws the rule book out of the window in order to rescue the teenage Chloe. Available on 12 March.
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After The CrashAfter the Crash by Michel Bussi
At a remote spot on the border between France and Switzerland, an aircraft plummets to the earth and the crew and passengers are killed. Well, everyone except a three-month-old girl who survives, against all odds. But who is she? Rival families lay claim to the baby, and they couldn’t be more different. One family is on the edge of poverty. while the other is rich and privileged. Bussi is a best-selling French author, and in this translation we follow a private investigator’s attempts to discover whether the infant survivor is Lyse-Rose or Emilie. Published on 12 March, reviewed soon on Crime Fiction Lover.
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HaterzHaterz by James Goss
Goss introduces us to a man who has had enough of the false promises of social media. Like the Michael Douglas character in Falling Down, Dave has snapped. Not content with unfollowing, blocking or reporting, he’s taking his rage to a deadly physical level. If you upset him via social media, he will seek you out and kill you – simple as that. Serial poster Danielle is his first victim. No more stupid ‘likes’, no more picture posts of her breakfast plate. Danielle is toast. Expect a darkly comic novel at which we ought to shake our heads in criticism, but which might prompt some to punch the air in approval. Out now.
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