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adrianmckinty100The Northern Irish author Adrian McKinty has written three crime trilogies. The latest – his Sean Duffy series – has been so good it turned from a trilogy into a quartet of books. And it might continue still. We’ve reviewed all four of them here on Crime Fiction Lover, and we’ve also interviewed the author.

Gun Street GirlCold, Cold Ground; I Hear the Sirens in the Street; In the Morning I’ll be Gone; and Gun Street Girl – each of the Sean Duffy titles takes its name from a line in a song. Inside each novel, however, it’s more discord than melody. Because if you’ve not come across him, Duffy is a Roman Catholic cop in a predominantly Protestant Royal Ulster Constabulary during the early 1980s. It was a time when sectarian hatred was at its height.

With this as the backdrop, Duffy tries to solve murders and to keep his own impetuous streak in check. With paramilitaries on both sides, his bosses on his back, and MI5 spooks appearing and disappearing before him, it’s quite the job for Duffy. This makes for fascinating reading and Adrian McKinty is something of a genius for setting it all up thus.

We’ve given each Duffy book a very high rating here on Crime Fiction Lover, and Serpent’s Tail, Adrian McKinty’s publisher, has sent us a couple of exclusive videos with the author.

First up, here’s Adrian McKinty talking about whether the story or the title comes first…

In the second video, the author discusses his latest book, Gun Street Girl.

Read our full review of Gun Street Girl here, and our interview with the author here.

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