First look: Treachery by SJ Parris

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treacheryfront540Have a look at this wonderful, gold embossed book jacket for Treachery by SJ Parris. This historical crime fiction novel is the fourth in a series by the author, set in Elizabethan times. The dust cover also features an illustration of a fierce-looking griffon, drawn by Daren Newman. There’s a gold emboss on the spine too, so it catches the light nicely from nearly any angle.

You won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the hardback of Treachery either. It’s due out on 3 March. Inside, Philip II of Spain is building up his formidable armada and holding English ships captive. The year is 1585 and the story zooms in on Parris’ hero Giordano Bruno. He’s not just a radical philosopher and a spy, but he solves mysteries too so when Sir Francis Drake’s life is threatened and a sea captain is murdered Bruno and his friend Sir Philip Sidney begin the hunt for the killer.

Treachery follows on from Heresy, Prophesy and Sacrilege. Watch for the Crime Fiction Lover review soon.


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