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On the Radar — This week’s book report features news on the latest DCI Banks novel by Peter Robinson. Also, former BBC journalist Bea Davenport makes her crime fiction debut, drawing on her experience as a local communities reporter in the north east of England.

ChildrenRevolutionChildren of the Revolution by Peter Robinson
A college lecturer who had been dismissed from his job for sexual misconduct is found murdered on a disused railway line. In his pocket he has a large amount of money, but in the four years since his fall from grace he had been living a poverty-striken, hermit-like existence. So, where did the money come from? The list of suspects is long and spans more than 30 years. Banks is warned to stay away, but this particular closet is hiding numerous skeletons that all want to get out. Children of the Revolution is – staggeringly – the 21st Banks story, and it’s out on 15 August. Watch for the review here on Crime Fiction Lover.
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GOOD PEOPLEGood People by Marcus Sakey
Tom and Anna’s desperation to start a family leads them to make a very unwise decision, and this results in them coming onto the radar of some very bad people. After several failed attempts at IVF, the couple are still not ready to give up but don’t have the money to carry on. When the tenant in the flat below dies, leaving $400,000 in cash, they think their problems could be solved. After all, there’s no one to miss the money. Or so they think… Good People is out today.
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In Too DeepIn Too Deep by Bea Davenport
Five years ago, Maura left Dowerby and assumed a new identity in the hope that she’d be able to escape her past and start a new life. But the past has a habit of catching up with you – especially in crime fiction! When a reporter tracks her down and persuades her to tell her story, Maura finds her life in danger yet again as all of the secrets she’d buried begin to resurface. The problem for Maura is that these revelations have serious consequences. In Too Deep is Bea Davenport’s crime debut, and it’s out now.
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DangerousFictionA Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan
A killer is targeting literary agent, Jo Donovan’s colleagues and clients, and the body count is climbing. In this business its easy to make enemies but who amongst a list of disgruntled employees, rejected writers and exes, could possibly be responsible. Jo determines to find out. A Dangerous Fiction is out 25 July. Watch for our review soon.
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RedemptionRedemption by Jussi Adler-Olsen
We weren’t going to let you get away without reading about some new Scandinavian crime fiction. The third Department Q novel, with Carl Morck leading investigations, opens with a bottle caught in a fishnet off the coast of Scotland. Inside is a letter, written in blood, and it seems to be in Danish. So it ends up on Carl’s desk. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Carl and his team, a cold, calculating and hateful man is prowling the Danish countryside, looking for his next kidnap victims. Will Department Q be able to track him down? Redemption is out 18 July.
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