Tess Gerritsen launches Alzheimer’s appeal

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Tess Gerritsen (c) Jessica HillsThe crime author Tess Gerritsen, who pioneered the medical thriller sub-genre in the 1990s, and later came up with the Rizzoli & Isles forensic crime series, has launched a fundraiser to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Her father died of the disease.

Here’s how you can help. For every $5 you donate to her GoFundMe campaign, you’ll be entered into a draw. And if you win, you’ll get to name a character in the next Rizzoli & Isles book. Meanwhile three runners up will receive a Rizzoli & Isles prize pack that includes a signed copy of the latest book, Last to Die, plus a pair of handcuff earrings and a Rizzoli & Isles baseball cap.

Money raised will go to The Scripps Research Institute, an American body with centres in Florida and California, which has a new Alzheimer’s research programme. Every dollar that goes into the pot up to $25,000, Gerritsen will match with her own money. Go Tess! To find out more visit the author’s site here, or the GoFunMe site here. Below is a video where she talks about the appeal and why she has launched it.

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