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On the Radar – Our postbag has been overflowing with new releases. They come from big publishing houses, from specialist crime stables, and often from self-publishing authors too. This week, we’re standing up for the little guy and bringing you four books written by newcomers to the crime fiction genre, and they’re all self-published or independent releases.

CartmellSteps to Heaven by Wendy Cartmell
Our first book is from Wendy Cartmell’s self-published series featuring Sgt Major Crane of the British Army’s Special Investigations Branch. He’s been called in to look into the disturbing case of Solomon, a soldier who, having recently returned from Afghanistan, has murdered his wife and six-year-old son and then committed suicide. Before his death, Solomon was regularly attending a local church that offered salvation to its congregation. As Crane’s investigation progresses, so too does the body count and it soon becomes apparent that there may be a darker side to the church’s offer. Steps to Heaven is out now.
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The Poison Tree by Jeffrey R MillerMiller
Two decades ago, in Wilmington, North Carolina, the burnt remains of an elusive young woman were found on the outskirts of Coast Guard Loran Station. An investigation gains a conviction, but it’s rushed, flawed and the conviction looks unsound. Now, the Coast Guard has decommissioned the land and wants to turn it over to the Army, but not before its people are cleared. Special Agent Reese Calder arrives and had ten days in which to achieve this, working with three federal agencies. However, somebody doesn’t want him to find the truth…  The Poison Tree is out now and currently available on Kindle for £1.30 to UK downloaders.
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MurphyDead Man’s Hand by Luke Murphy
Once, Calvin Watters had a career in the NFL ahead of him. Today, he’s a sadistic Las Vegas debt collector who is about to be framed for murder. There have been two brutal killings – a prominent casino owner and a well-known bookie – and with his reputation, Calvin is the perfect fall guy for both crimes. Detective Dale Dayton has been put on the case. Going against his superiors and his own better judgment, Dayton decides to give Calvin a chance to redeem himself and prove his innocence while at the same time by finding the real killer. However, if he is to succeed, he must avoid the LVMPD’s radar and the assassin who has been hired to kill him. Dead Man’s Hand is out now.
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The Katyn Order by Douglas W JacobsonKatyn
The second novel from historical crime writer Douglas W Jacobson opens towards the end of 1944. The German war machine is in retreat as the Russians advance, and in Warsaw the resistance is rising up against their Nazi oppressors. American Adam Nowak has been dropped into Poland by British Intelligence as an assassin and resistance fighter. Shortly after his arrival, he meets Natalia, a covert operative and together the pair begin a desperate hunt to find the 1940 Katyn Order, which saw the Soviet’s authorise the the murders of 20,000 Polish officers and civilians. If they can find the Order before the Russians, they just might be able to change the fate of Poland. The Katyn Order is out now.
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