Death to the hackers

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On the radar – We’ve been rather spoilt for choice with the books on offer in this week’s postbag with some interesting debut novels, thrillers and an interesting historical mystery that really caught our attention. Among this week’s selection of recent releases are the debut novel by former Guardian journalist turned writer James Robinson, the latest release from Canadian crime writer DL Johnstone, and a stunning debut by Chris Pavone.

Furies by DL Johnstone
Alexandria, 36 CE. Wealthy merchant Decimus Tarquitius Aculeo has suffered several mysterious investment disasters and found himself abandoned by family and friends. Decimus decides to investigate what’s been going on, but he finds himself being drawn into a web of violence. A slave is found murdered and a brutalised, high-priced hetaira (call girl) is found floating in a canal. Decimus knows there’s a connection and that a killer is moving among Alexandria’s elite. Aided by his few remaining friends he must unmask a killer if he wants to get his old life back.
Furies on Amazon US

The Expats by Chris Pavone
Expat Kate Moore finds herself uprooted from her life in Washington DC and transplanted to Luxembourg. On the outside, she’s just your average expat mum but she’s hiding a secret that could destroy her nice, neat life. Her husband is behaving suspiciously, she’s convinced there’s more to another American couple than meets the eye, and her past seems to be catching up with her. The more she digs the more secrets she uncovers and the danger to herself and her family grows. Out in the UK since March, it’s going to see it’s US release early in 2013. Right now it’s 20p on Amazon UK.
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Hacked to Death by James Robinson
Dan McIntosh was a footballer, but he’s now a phone hacking tabloid employee. He moves in some decidedly dodgy circles where lies are traded like currency, but then he hacks into a message that he never expected to hear – the order for his own execution. Dan knows there are a lot of people who could have ordered his death. With his own life on the line, he needs to keep his wits about him in order to survive. Just 99p on Amazon.
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The Kiss After Midnight by Marvin Amazon
Tobias Mead is rich, handsome, and a hit with the ladies of New York, but his life changes overnight when he meets Penélope. When her body is discovered in a nearby park, Tobias is devastated but when the police accuse him of her murder, he soon finds himself in a living nightmare. Before her death, Penélope had been involved with Antonio Cabrera, the volatile heir of a dangerous Central American drug cartel, and the family are out for revenge. Believing Penélope may have left something valuable with Tobias, he soon finds himself caught in a crossfire of terrifying violence, with only one person he can trust and a card up his sleeve that he’d vowed he would never use.
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