The Killing is back… Forbrydelsen Forever!

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The wait is finally over for UK fans of Danish crime drama The Killing as the third and final series airs tonight on BBC4, with a double-bill. As with the previous two series, the storyline has three interlinking stories. Firstly there’s the crime – the discovery of a dismembered body down at the docks. Secondly, the political angle. It’s election time and centre-right prime minister, Kristian Kamper is seeking to be re-elected. And, finally, the police thread with Sara yet again looking for a way out of regular police work.

To herald the start of the new series crime publisher Orion has just released The Killing Handbook: Forbrydelsen Forever! by actress, author and superfan. Emma Kennedy. It even has a foreword by Sofie Grabøl. The Killing Handbook is the ultimate, slightly tongue-in-cheek guide for the wannabe Danes and looks in-depth into the world of Sara Lund. Find out what food to eat, what to drink and read, and discover some key Danish phrases to use when you’re out with your friends. It even contains instructions on how to knot THAT jumper, which incidentally adorns the cover of the book. Yes, you can learn how to become, Sara Lund!

If that wasn’t enough, the book covers all of the key characters such as Troels Hartmann and Lennart Brix, Danish politics and a crash course in the language, a walking tour of Copenhagen and some of the main crime scenes. It also explores some of the plot holes and twists. Definitely a must for any fans letter to Santa this Christmas.

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