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On the Radar — This week our mailbag has been positively overflowing with review requests and we were spoilt for choice when writing our new books column. There’s a futuristic cosy mystery set on the Moon, plus an intriguing debut that delves into the darker side of voodoo. Meanwhile, Fidelis Morgan, who is know for her 17th century historical fiction, has stepped into the modern era with a contemporary mystery novel.

Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon
If you’re open to cosy mysteries with a difference, then Jackie Kingon’s debut novel may pique your interest. Molly Marbles was plus sized until she lost enough weight to win herself a scholarship to Armstrong University… on the Moon! Molly’s life seems to be on the up until her boyfriend Drew dumps her for a job with a company that makes low calorie diet supplements. To make matters worse, someone has started to poison her favourite chocolate treat, and Molly is determined to hunt down the culprit. Prepare for comedy and hijinks along the way.
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Voodoo Woman by Devon Marshall
Hired killer turned PI Willie Rae Flynn has put her past behind her, but keeping it secret can be a lonely business and it usually has a nasty habit of catching up with you. When her client is murdered in a brutal, ritualistic killing, Willie finds herself drawn into an investigation involving the dark side of voodoo and human sacrifice, and her past nipping at her heels. Willie is left with no choice when the woman she loves is threatened. In order to protect her, she is forced to enter into a pact with the FBI agent who has spent years hunting her.
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Lessons in the Dark by Melissa Hudson
Narelle Fielding is just about to start a new career as a foster carer, but she soon realises this job is going to be tougher than she thought in this debut by Melissa Hudson. Narelle has five children to juggle, a decidedly indifferent husband to deal with, and an explosive secret to hide. She’s on the verge of losing everything, which leads her down a path filled with dangerous decisions and deadly consequences, and her growing friendship with the children’s mother, Kristen, could lead both women into great danger. Narelle and Kristen will do anything to protect their families…
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The Murder Quadrille by Fidelis Morgan
When is it not a good idea to discuss the discovery of a dead body on the local common? Six guests gather around a dinner table – a husband and wife with a rocky marriage, their bank manager, their lawyer and his bimbo girlfriend, and a writer of lurid crime fiction. Did I mention the missing librarian and the fact that there just happens to be a very sharp pointy knife lying around? This could be an interesting evening. Let’s just hope murder isn’t on the menu!
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