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Yes, folks, you can now refer to the Crime Fiction Lover team as the dirty dozen. With our new signing MyBookishWays we have 12 active contributors. Although, we like to think of ourselves as a ‘bloodstained’ dozen more than ‘dirty’.

MyBookishWays is the nom-de-website of Kristin Centorcelli and she already runs the huge and successful urban fantasy and horror books blog entitled – you guessed it – MyBookishWays. It’s worth checking out if you like ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves and so forth. However Kristin says her first love has always been crime, mystery and suspense (though sometimes with a bit of supernatural thrown in). She loves noir too, alongside boxed wine, margaritas, and sleeping.

So please join us in welcoming her to the team. She’s already accepted three assignments for our upcoming themed month Classics in September. Oh, and if you like horror, fantasy and all that stuff, don’t forget to read her blog.

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