Pulp Ink 2

Back when we first launched Crime Fiction Lover almost a year ago, we weren’t so sure how short story compilations would go down with our readers. However we reviewed Pulp Ink, edited by Chris Rhatigan and Nigel Bird to test the waters. It was on of our most popular reviews at the time. Furthermore, it scored five stars here on the site.

Well, if you want some more of that short crime action, Pulp Ink 2 has been released by Snubnose Press. We’ll have a review soon as DispatchesFromNoir is looking at the book, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek

This time 19 writers have taken part including several new names to the Pulp faction including Heath Lowrance, Andrez Bergen, Cindy Romus and Julia Madeleine. Texan and former CFL contributor R Thomas Brown can also be found in the new edition, alongside returnees like Matthew C Funk, Patti Abbott and Richard Godwin.

“Here’s one sequel that hasn’t been drained of life by roving hordes of soulless studio execs. Pulp Ink 2’s got beautiful killers, visions of the apocalypse, blood-thirsty rats, and one severed arm on a quest for revenge. No half-assed reboots here, just some of the finest writing in crime and horror today,” explains co-editor Chris Rhatigan. “All the proceeds will go to a British charity that provides school-based counseling.”

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