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On the radar – This week’s radar has more kick to it than a double espresso, with a triple hit of police procedural topped off with a shot of edge-of-the-seat suspense. We start on the mean streets of Copenhagen and a suspicious drowning, before heading to the English seaside town of Brighton for a case involving a psycho and a lethal shipment of pure heroin. Pre-apocalyptic America is the setting for our third book, and a series of suicides that may not be what they seem. To find out more about all four of the books that have caught our attention, read on…

Only One Life by Sara Blædel
Inspector Louise Rick of the Copenhagen Murder Squad is back. This time she’s investigating the drowning of a young immigrant girl in Holbæk Fjord, but this is no ordinary drowning. The victim, Samra, has been found with a piece of concrete tied around her waist and two strange circular marks on the back of her neck. Her best friend Dicte suspects her death was an honour killing. Things become nasty when Dicte is found bludgeoned to death and Samra’s younger sister goes missing. Rick must tread carefully to find a killer in a tightly knit ethnic community.
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Flesh and Blood by Mark Peterson
An undercover police officer’s been killed and a lethal shipment of pure heroin has just arrived on British soil. For Brighton copper DS Minter this is not looking like it’s going to be an easy collar. He embarks on a hunt for a psychopath who leads him on a collision course with his colleagues and forces him to face up to his own troubled past before he can discover the truth.
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The Last Policeman by Ben H Winters
The end of the world may be fast approaching but detective Hank Palace still has a job to do. Welcome to Concord, New Hampshire. With six months to go until a massive asteroid hits the Earth, people are taking matters into their own hands. So when insurance salesman Peter Zell is found dead, Hank’s colleagues are happy to put it down to yet another suicide. However all the evidence suggests otherwise and Palace is not prepared to let his suspicions go.
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27 Minutes by J M Johansen
When several homeless Vietnam veterans go missing from the streets of Richmond, no one seems to bat an eyelid. Nobody, that is, except Lisbeth Hansen, a registered nurse who runs a rehabilitation centre aiming to get the men back on their feet. When Lisbeth herself disappears, her father Erik, who just happens to be the local sheriff, jumps into action with his friend Mike Lombardi. However, their investigation is about far more than missing people. They’ve stumbled into something much more sinister and their own lives are on the line.
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