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In the summer author Arlene Hunt and husband Andrew Mangan set up the new Dublin-based publishing house Portnoy, and now they are set to release their first book. There’s nothing quite like a new book back from the printers, and they’ve just received  Hunt’s own latest novel The Chosen. It goes on sale 17 October and could be the first of many from the new publisher.

“We’ll also be looking to publish other authors in the coming months, and we have already received a number of crime fiction submissions,” Mangan tells us.

The Chosen is Arlene Hunt’s seventh novel, and her first set in the United States. It starts off with a high school shooting incident that leaves main character Jessie Conway in hospital. But there’s more to it than that because besides a student-gone-postal, another altogether more predatory killer is on the loose in Rockville. That man is Caleb Switch, and the subject of his interest is massacre survivor Jessie.

All of Hunt’s previous books have taken place in an Irish setting, including five in a series about a private eye firm called QuicK Investigations. Portnoy will be publishing in both print and electronic formats, and we look forward to hearing more from them. Watch for the review of The Chosen here on Crime Fiction Lover, pre-order below, or try one of Arlene Hunt’s books on Kindle.

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