The Outsider

Written by Arlene Hunt — As the weather begins to thaw after a snowy Christmas in rural Ireland, a search party is methodically checking the soggy fields and pastures, looking for Gully Donovan, who hasn’t been seen for days. The discovery of a body face…
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The Chosen

Written by Arlene Hunt — Having written several books set in Ireland, this is the first time Arlene Hunt has located a story in the US, and here she takes on the serial killer sub-genre with some aplomb. Jessie Conway, a high school teacher, is…
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Portnoy: new from Ireland

In the summer author Arlene Hunt and husband Andrew Mangan set up the new Dublin-based publishing house Portnoy, and now they are set to release their first book. There’s nothing quite like a new book back from the printers, and they’ve just received  Hunt’s own…
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