A Darkness Absolute

Written by Kelley Armstrong — As A Darkness Absolute opens, Detective Casey Duncan and her colleague Deputy Will Anders are on snowmobiles roaming the Canadian wilderness looking for Shawn Sutherland. Duncan and Sanders work for Rockton, an off-the-grid, secret town of 200 people. Sutherland has run away, which is…
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The River at Night

Written by Erica Ferencik — The buzz for this thriller started last year, when an advance proof arrived in a waterproof pouch with a little torch, map and protein bar. It transpires that all of these things would have been more use to the characters in…
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Windigo Fire by MH Callway

If you ever head up into the woods of Northern Ontario, you might be warned to mind out for the Windigo. It’s spirit creature, part of the belief system of the Algonquin First Nations people in Canada and can take many forms – sometimes human,…
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Death Can't Take a Joke

On the Radar — This week our new books column brings you novellas, short stories and novels from writers across the spectrum of crime fiction. We’ve got Anya Lipska’s second novel entitled Death Can’t Take a Joke, a new one from Laura Lippman and 12…
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