Scorched Earth

Written by Ty Patterson — Zeb Carter and his team, the Agency, return in a fast-paced chase thriller. Based in the US, the Agency is a specialist unit on the fringes of law enforcement and the war on terror. To their horror two of the team,…
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Michael Connelly lanches new crime series

On the Radar — It’s a big week for fans of the LA author Michael Connelly, who’s starting off an exciting new series about a female cop who’s not only battling sexism in the force but out there bringing down criminals. There’s historical crime fiction,…
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First look: Scorched Earth

Today, American author Ty Patterson is launching his latest book, Scorched Earth. It features his all action star character Zeb Carter, and we’ve got a free excerpt from the new novel for you right here on Crime Fiction Lover. Scorched Earth – Chapter 1 Low-tech…
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