Coldwater by Tom Pitts

Gary and Linda have moved to a modest property in Sacramento after Linda’s miscarriage. They are an everyday married couple; she works for the government as a clerk and he works at an air conditioning supply depot. She wants him to quit smoking and they…
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The Feral Detective

Written by Jonathan Lethem — Noted author Jonathan Lethem, who has been called one of America’s greatest storytellers, returns to crime fiction with his new novel, The Feral Detective. It opens with the narrator, Manhattanite Phoebe Siegler, searching for her best friend’s teenage daughter, Arabella,…
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Written by Joe Ide, narrated by Sullivan Jones — This is the third crime thriller I’ve listened to by this astonishing duo, and familiarity has only heightened the pleasure in the experience. Author Joe Ide is a master at conveying distinctive personalities and subcultures with…
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Book Club

She Rides Shotgun

When Nate McClusky refuses to work for Aryan Steel he doesn’t put just his own life in danger but those of his family too. Jordan Harper’s debut novel, equal parts chase thriller and family parable, makes the most of its Southern California location as the…
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Interview: Jordan Harper

Jordan Harper is a name worth getting used to if you love reading crime fiction. After some excellent short stories, his first novel, She Rides Shotgun, has been published by Ecco and already we are predicting nominations and awards for the author. The book tells…
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