Interview: Sólveig Pálsdóttir

Earlier in 2021, we reviewed Silenced, the second crime novel to appear in English from Icelandic crime author Sólveig Pálsdóttir. Following on from The Fox, also reviewed on our site, Silenced sees Reykjavik detective Gudgier Fransson investigating the death of a woman in prison. Both…
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Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir

Translated by Quentin Bates — Corylus Books was set up a year or two ago with the aim of publishing crime novels that might not normally make it into English translation, and Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir is the company’s third release, following Solveig’s earlier novel…
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Reykjavik druglords

On the Radar — To continue reading this article, please type the two words shown, to prove you are human.     Seriously, we have all battled with these digital door-keys, and the latest book from Rosie Claverton uses the Captcha theme in its title….
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