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Seven Lies

The tired tropes of the domestic thriller are brushed away in Elizabeth Kay’s debut novel which is about the 20-year friendship of best friends Jane and Marnie. Jane narrates. Both young women marry, but Jane’s husband is soon killed by an errant taxi. She loathes…
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Seven Lies by Elizabeth Kay

Elizabeth Kay’s debut domestic noir novel is an immersive journey into a friendship of some 20 years’ duration. Jane and Marnie have been inseparable since age 11, through college, through their first London jobs, and while they could finish each other’s sentences, narrator Jane doesn’t…
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On the Radar: Messing with your head

With many parts of the world on lockdown due to Covid-19, reading is one potential escape from the tense situation going on around us. Crime isn’t everyone’s cup of tea at times like this – it can mess with your head – but for crime…
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