On the Radar: A 100-year-old murder

We haven’t seen quite as much historical crime fiction as we’re used to so far this year, so it’s exciting to open this week’s new books report with a novel harking back to the period just after World War I. Emma Flint’s Other Women looks…
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Harker: The Book of Soloman

Written by Roger Gibson, art by Vince Danks — It’s been hard to avoid movies based on comic books these last few years. Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises have become two of the biggest grossing films of all time, whilst at the same…
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Interview: Roger Gibson

Titan Books has won the rights to publish writer Roger Gibson (foreground, above) and artist Vince Danks’ Harker series of graphic novels. Harker:The Book of Soloman collects the first series of monthly comics – where the fictional detective Harker is the main character – in…
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