CIS: Interview with Otto Penzler

Classics in September — Surely there are few people on the planet who are more knowledgeable on the topic of crime fiction than Otto Penzler. The American author, editor and publisher won an Edgar Award back in 1977 for co-writing the Encyclopedia of Mystery and…
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What is 'hardboiled'?

When people mention hardboiled what do you think of? An effective way of cooking eggs when you’re making potato salad? Maybe even Dr Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham? Here on Crime Fiction Lover, we might dally a while with Dr Seuss, but we definitely…
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Otto Penzler goes digital

Crime fiction lovers in New York City have long benefited from the existence of Otto Penzler’s store The Mysterious Bookshop, while readers have enjoyed books he’s published under the Mysterious Publishing imprint since 1975. Now fans of the genre from around the world will be…
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